miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

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El otro día estaba hablando con mi compañero de piso sobre bandas sonoras mientras jugueteaba con la lista de reproducción de mi ordenador cuando salto una canción de Nujabes [ ese gran productor Japonés del que seguro tendréis noticias pronto por este blog :) ]. Rápidamente me dice "tengo una canción muy parecida a esta que seguro que te encanta, además la letra es buenísima y tiene muchísimo significado". Impactado es la palabra que mejor podría definir mi estado al acabar de escuchar y leer "Omni", una de las canciones emblematicas de la banda Five Deez. La verdad es que esta entrada se la dedico a mi compañero de piso que me ha descubierto un gran grupo y sobre todo una canción que me ayudará muchísimo.

Y hasta aquí la entrada de hoy, que como veis llega tarde porque he tenido un día suuuuuper ocupado. Feliz Fin del Miércoles :) !

Youtube [ Buena Calidad ]

Lyrics - Five Deez
When in the world are you going to settle down
and start doing something with yourself?)
[Hook x2]
I know what you wanna know (An intellectual, fate offers no hint)
I see what you wanna see (I think I might like to see you)
[Verse 1]
Now you know the way I wanna be
You see the direction, create the cross sections
Movin' me to places to soak up the lessons
Dried my tears years ago with no question
But you seem better from the back
More space to function with
Motion's not restricted to what I give it
Completely fill your area like liquid
No untouched surface greater than what's lessThan is expected of all men
Projected a few before you elected a few (Who knew?)
I would be the one you had to have
Full body massage with the words of my choice
Sound healin' is produced with the science of man
You should keep your eye on it if you rely on it
Chase whatever makes you wanna change vapor
Understanding consequences
What exactly is this? Who exactly are you?
Are you me enough to know what I know when
You seein' usI watch it all begin to spin over and over again
But it's never the same I feel
And when I finish the sentence what really remains?
Now I'm boardin' the plane to go exist on another
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
(Close) I haven't been this way with most
Learned aggression, hate, and love too
A lotta what I think is based off my perception
As I travel, it makes sense, movin' me mo'And times change
Like you fallin' on your knees, personalities are cemented
In this present state, most people become content
No thoughts of more, only buildin' off the now but
Then never changes, at least we never see it
We want what will be to be beautiful and just to happen
(But it doesn't work that way)(It all stays the same at the end of the evenin')
You lay and contemplate sunrise and sundown
Who made the best decisions? Was it you, somebody you know, or a stranger?
And if anything, what did you learn?
Are you equipped to just weep? (No shame)
Because you know what life is
A collection of seconds that we watch go by
And some times for not and at sometimes for
But all times livin' with a question on ya mind
Pain and freedom, fear and independence
Chances, mind games, war, and only breathin'
Unknown to known facts, insecurities
Confidence, sadness, faith, and what you know now

[Hook x2]

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