domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

John Wesley Harding, y su carrera...

John Wesley Harding no es solo uno de los discos de Bob Dylan. Es también el artista detrás de la portada de hoy. Una portada que reúna las tres características que más me gustan en una portada: un dibujo, blanco y negro, y llena de detalles y simbolismos. Y es que si os fijáis bien, la portada esta cargada de simbolismo... un caballo con una forma extraña, una esqueleto que se apoya en un bastón y detrás un especia de árbol muerto... No se a ustedes, pero a mi me gusta muchísimo !

En el mismo disco, que se titula Who has changes and who has dead, encontramos esta canción donde el artista, que tomado el nombre de uno de los discos de Dylan, cuanta como ha sido su carrera musical...

Espero que les guste, ¡ y que hayan tenido un buen fin de Semana !

Versión YouTube

Lyrics - John Wesley Harding
I started
Playing guitar by the town memorial
All my songs were singing editorials
And when I'd done, the sermon on the mount
I counted my change and put it in my bank account
I didn't want to work at the local abbatoir
So I left home, expanded my repertoire
I did some gigs, No one booed
I got free beer and I drank it with gratitude

Once I started I couldn't stop
That's how I got from
The bottom to the top

A businessman with a very young dolly bird
Talked through the set, liked what he thought he heard
Dropped some names he claimed to represent
And asked me if I had any management
Well two weeks later, I'm signing on the dotted line
Offered some drugs, at first I declined
Lots of parties where the spread's incredible
But don't get close 'cause the food's inedible

And I became a spinning top
That's how I got from
The bottom to the top of the bottom

I got a sweet deal and I moved to America
I fell in love with an heiress called Erica
Started out smart, soon got silly
I partied by the pool and then arrest for necrophilia
News travels fast like electricity
A bad mug shot, it's good publicity
I laid low for a month or two
And spent my dough building a recording studio

And that's when it all went pop
That's how I got from
The bottom to the top of the bottom

The label and Payola got me in the charts
My new management had me by the private parts
I went on strike, took the initiative
Forgetting that I didn't have a single thing to bargain with
I lost my nerve, my fall was glorious
The lawsuit was eternal and laborious
My new material was only fair to middling
Rome was burning and I did some fiddling

And finally, I was dropped
That's how I got back from
The bottom to the top of the bottom

On the way down people tend to leave you where you fall
I tried to stand up but I didn't have the wherewithal
I nearly died in a cab one day
So I swapped my bourbon for a bottle full of perrier
There were rumors about my sexuality
The video star, killed by reality
Next thing I know I'm on my knees
Begging the camera, "Will you vote me off the island please?"

But the world forgives a flop
That's how I got back from
The bottom to the top of the bottom

O well all that exposure and the phone starts to ring again
I experienced the strange urge to sing again
Well not long ago I was a boy with a dream
I reacquaint myself with a razor and some shaving cream
Look at me I'm ripe for rediscovery
All I need is Mary to mother me
On the tenth green I was way over par
My partner offered me a tour in Jesus Christ, Superstar

And that's when the penny dropped
That's how I got back back from
The bottom to the top of the bottom

Well we toured all over the states of America
I got a picture of my son from Erica
My parents wrote, "Since you disappeared,
Hard to believe but it's just been one year,"
Now it's back to ale and cakes again
I wonder if I'll make the same mistakes again
I hope that you've enjoyed this tutorial
There's another busker who was playing the memorial

I'm getting bored of talking shop
That's how I got back from
The bottom to the top of the bottom
To the top of the bottom
To the top of the bottom

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  1. Me encanta la portada y ese precioso dibujo del caballo. No conocia a John WEsley!!! Otro descubrimiento.


  2. Jo Grass !: No sabes Lo que me alegra no parar de descubrirte artistas ^_^ !! Da sentido a este humilde blog ;-) ! A mi, este cantante, particularmente me encanta, muy recomendado !