domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Canciones que me llevan a Belgica...

Una portada llena de luz y que parece transportarnos directos al verano.El EP, On my soulders, es la que disfruta de esta refrescante imagen que eligió el grupo The Dø. ¿Qué os parece a ustedes?

Mientras, de su disco, A Mouthful, sacamos la canción de hoy: Stay (just a little bit more). Esta canción, con un buen ukele desmuestra todo el talento que este dúo formado en Paris por una muchacha de Finlandia y un joven Francés. Su musica además de gustarme muchisimo, siempre me llevará de vuelta a Bruselas y en especial al día que pasé en Gante... y eso no tiene precio :-)

¿ Qué tal os fue a ustedes la semana pasada ?

Versión YouTube

Lyrics - The Dø

He was a bore, a true chore and I still wonder why I ever wanted to see him more
I know it is useless to complain all these years after, well...
Thanks for asking now I'm fine
I should have muffled my obsession but I was all too pure
And so blindly sure that he'd always have the satisfying hug I needed

Stay just a little bit more
Don't let my heart turn sore

He was kind, polite and divine in public, tender as a sleepy child
But when we got slightly more intimate it wasn't that bright
Yes he was kind, polite, sound and sublime, in theory
But in practice believe me, there was a nasty fire burning

Stay just a little bit more
Don't let my heart turn sore

And when my curves came into play
Oh what a hopeles tumbling down
When his desire was stuck in plaster
I was young but I believed in no tales!

Sit in the desert of the bed I looked hard for an oasis
But all I could find was a dead camel in pieces
And I got so scared I tried to lure him back to bed
Whispered "stay just a little bit more"
But now I'm grateful to the camel
Because all the lazy boy could do was RUN, then I knew for sure
That he would never be the satisfying shag I needed, no no no

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